Why wear a face mask at all?

The CDC has now recommended everyone wear masks when out in public, and many states are now requiring the use of face coverings. 

BIG FAT DISCLAIMER!! KPO Designs masks do not protect against COVID-19 and other viruses (a little obvious, but it must be said.) The only mask that does that is the N95. Wearing a cloth face covering helps to prevent your spit particles from penetrating the air. If everyone wears some sort of face covering, it has an amplified safety effect. Here is a diagram that demonstrates this:


What size do I wear?

I have five sizes available: Small, Small/Medium, Medium, Medium/Large, and Large. The different sizes vary in length vertically from the top of your nose, around the curved seam in the front, to the under side of your chin.

Small is meant for young children, ages 3-7. It measures 5" from the top of the nose to under the chin. It is a little smaller than the adult sizes across the face and has a shorter elastic band. (The CDC does not recommend children under the age of 2 wear face coverings.)

Small/Medium is meant for bigger kids, approximately ages 8-12. This is also a good size for very petite women and teenagers. It is 5.5" from top of nose to under the chin.

Medium measures 6" from the top of the nose to under the chin. This size fits people with shorter, more heart-shaped faces. Most women wear this size (though definitely not all!).

Medium/Large a good in-between size for many adults, 6.5". Many people prefer this size because it gives some extra room for jaw movement.

Large measures 7". This size fits most men and people with longer faces. It is also the size recommended if you plan to wear the cloth mask over an N95.

The elastic is worn around the head. It is designed for the high band to go around the crown of the head and the low band to sit at the base of the head or nape.  If you prefer the over-the-ears style there is plenty with each mask to convert it yourself, or you can send me a message and I can modify for this style.

How do I clean my face mask?

KPO Designs masks are machine washable. I recommend you wash them with hot water in a lingerie bag, and air dry them in a sunny place. You can put them in dryer on low temp. If you don't have washing machine, you can hand wash them in hot water and hang dry in a sunny place inside your home.

For safety, you should wash your masks first thing when you get them and after every time you wear them out in public. 

Note about washing: prolonged wetness can lead to minor rusting of the wire nose bridge. Mitigate this by getting your masks out of the washing machine as soon as possible, and wringing them really well if hand washing.  The rust typically only shows through to the right side, and doesn't come through on the side that touches your skin. If you are experiencing problems with rust, please contact me and we can work out a solution.

See below for filter washing instruction.

What can I use as a filter?

It is highly recommended that you add a filter layer in between the layers of your cloth face mask! Adding one can improve the efficacy of wearing a mask many times over. There is a constantly evolving conversation about what materials are best to use as filters, balancing filtration efficacy, breathability, and availability. So far, these are the materials that I have come to understand work the best:

-Blue Shop Towels (such brands as Tool Box, Scott): a little lower filtration than the HVAC and vacuum filters, but much better for breathability. This is the material recommended by the creator of the N95 mask. See Washington Post Article Here

-If you don't have any of these on hand, adding a coffee filter, or folded over tissues is better than nothing!


My filters are made with car shop towels, specifically Scott brand. They are contoured to fit my masks and double layered. They are machine washable, though their effectiveness is reduced with every wash. It is recommended that you only use them for 3-4machine washes maximum. Air dry to limit the degradation of the fibers.


What is your shipping policy?


I ship all orders using USPS First Class ($4.50) or Priority Mail ($8). Orders over $50 are shipped free via First Class mail, and Priority over $70. 

I cannot offer returns or exchanges because of the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, if you are experiencing issues with shipping or your masks themselves, please contact me at info@kpodesigns.com and I will work to find a solution!


How can I contact you?

If you have any questions, concerns, or need to get in touch with me for any reason, you can email me at info@kpodesigns.com

You can also visit me on Facebook at KPO Designs or on Instagram at KPO Designs